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UR, Ur or ur may refer to:

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  • Úr (...), a letter of the Ogham alphabet
  • Ur (cuneiform), a cuneiform sign
  • ur (digraph), a digraph in Central Alaskan Yup'ik for /ʁʷ/, and in Pinyin for the trilled vowel /ʙ̝/
  • Ur (root), a common root word in the Basque language
  • Ur (rune) (ᚢ), a letter of the runic alphabets
  • Ur-, a German prefix meaning "primeval" (seldom also "primitive") or even simply "original"
  • Underlying representation, in phonology
  • Urdu language (ISO 639 alpha-2 code "ur")
  • "you're" (you are) or "your" in text messaging


  • Ancient populated places:
    • Ur, an ancient city-state in southern Mesopotamia
    • Ur of the Chaldees, or Ur Kaśdim, scriptural birthplace of Abraham
  • Modern populated places:

Religion and esotericism[edit]

  • Ur, the king of the underworld in Mandaeism
  • UR Group, Italian esotericist association

Science, technology, and mathematics[edit]

  • Ur, a continent that formed 3,100 million years ago
  • Ur, a programming language
  • UR Mark, a certification mark of Underwriters Laboratories
  • Ur, a Polish anti-tank rifle
  • Unitary representation, in group theory
  • Ur, an obsolete symbol for the element Uranium


  • Universal Rocket, a family of Russian rockets developed by Khrunichev
  • UrQuattro, prefix of the original Audi Quattro automobile, 1980–1991
  • Ursaab, prefix of the original Saab automobile, 1949


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